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Venue Session

Parallel Session 3

Track 2 - Technology and innovation projects driven through partnerships

Paper 1 - Exploring Green Project Management towards an Integrated Model to Upscale the Use of Innovative Building Technologies in Low-Cost Housing.

By Tshiphiri Tshivhasa, Sijekula Mbanga and Winston Shakantu

Paper 2 - Modelling the household unit size with respect to time: A critical literature review output

By Emmanuel Kizito Kabundu, Sijekula Mbanga and Brink Botha

Paper 3 - Household cost as a driver for determining the sustainability of the Human Settlement.

By Lorato Motsatsi and Jeremy Gibberd

Paper 4 - Does the Sustainable Building Assessment Tool Address Resilience Sufficiently?

By Jeremy Gibberd

Paper 5 - Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) use in public infrastructure projects, a joint effort between the Government Department: Infrastructure Development (GDID) and the University of Johannesburg (UJ)

By Nischolan Pillay and Innocent Musonda

Paper 6 - Sustainable disaster relief settlements an innovative option.

By  Siviwe Zukile Shwababa

Paper 7 - A community based and user-oriented innovation and sustainability model to achieve smart and green human settlements within the context of South African rural communities.

By  Precious Lukhele, Tshepang Mosiea, Sijekula Mbanga, Konrad Soyez, Nonhlanhla Mkhize

Parallel Session 7

Track 6 - Urban economy and business development

Paper 1 - Creation of knowledge cities for South Africa. A case of Nelson Mandela Bay.

By Roseline Karambakuwa and Ronney Ncwadi

Paper 2 - Innovation culture: examining how Zimbabwe Tourism companies are thriving in the digital age.

By Washington Tsokota

Paper 3 - Social cohesion/contestation: demand for socio-economic needs.

By Esteri Msindo

Paper 4 - The role of small-scale squid fishers in sustaining livelihoods and maintaining marine resources in the context of climate change.

By Oyamangaye Mkaza and Bernadette Snow

Paper 5 - Ship recycling as a viable option for enhancing business, employment and inclusive economic growth and development: Case Study of South Africa.

By Malwande Nkalitshana

Paper 6 - Multi-Purpose Community Centres As a Stimuli for Sustainable Development

By Bongiwe Gobe, Sijekula Mbanga and Brink Botha

Parallel Session 11

Track 3

Paper 1 - A Foucaldian analysis of public housing in rural South Africa.

By Danford Chibvongodze and Sithembiso Lindelihle Myeni

Paper 2 - Exogenous challenges associated with failure of rural entrepreneurs in Vhembe District, South Africa.

By Ishmael Obaeko Iwara, Beata Kilonzo and Jethro Zuwarimwe

Paper 3 - The rural school as a place for sustainable community development.

By Nischolan Pillay and Yashaen Luckan